Why Your Phone Overheated? How to fix it


Many one talking about this, Like “My phone Is heating too much” and much more about this, Because 90% Chances your Phone Goes blast due to overheated + Your phone battery drain must faster, So In this article I’ll tell you everything about this, So read the full article. 

What is the main Reason your phone overheated ?- Your smartphone have lots of app Run on the background, What battery saver actually do? They close the background app, I’ll recommend you to use Greenify app to close all background app (For android) , And also keep less apps and uninstall those apps which are automatically open in background without your permission like Facebook app, Parallel Space, Truecaller (These apps automatically restarted when you close the app) you can also use boot manager app to change app behavior, What boot manager actually do? Boot manager change app permission so that app will never automatically run on background, only these apps run when you open those apps. 

How To Fix it- Use Boot manager  app to change app behavior like they started again everytime without your permission also close all background app you can use Greenify app to close all apps, this app run on both rooted and unrooted devices. 

More Way to fix this problem -: Always charge your phone with original charger and cable, and Don’t Charge your phone more than 80% a day you can read  my article about Set Charging limit On Android , Don’t Charge everytime when your phone reaches less than 15% then plugin the charger, also make sure your phone not heated so much before you plugin the charger  “Never Use your phone when you are charging” because there are highest chance your battery drain much faster, If your battery heated so much turn off the device remove the battery, sim and memory card and wait till 5-10minutes.