How to set charging limit on your android 


Howdy readers,

Do you know that if we charge our phone overnight then we will start facing heating issue, Why? Let me tell you, as you know that your phone battery is lithium battery right, Many researches talked about this  and they told that we charge our phone till 80% , If we charge our phone everytime 100% then you may face problem, also we never plugged the charger everytime reason is when your phone reaches 100% you still plugin the charger because of this you might face fast draning battery so that’s why y you need to set charging limit .


How To Set Charging Limit -:


1) Install Charging limit app [ Click here ]

2) Open and Just click on Change and then set the default value to 85 or 75.

3) Now, just enable it to toggle on the option, and that’s it.

You can sit back without worry.