How to install google assistant on iPhone 


Hey guys, What’s going on, In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can install pixel assistant on any iPhone, As you know that pixel assistant officially launch for pixel devices which is android, So I’ll tell you simple trick so that you can enjoy google assistant on iPhone also. 

How to install assistant on iPhone -:

  • Open your App store and scroll down and click on your Apple ID and Tap on “Sign out.”
  • Now, open the Google Assistant United States Link from your iPhone. Now, it will throw you to the App Store. There you will see a prompt to change the store. Just tap on Change Store.
  • Now, in the Search bar type “Google Assistant” and search for the application and click on Get button.
  • Choose the Country as the United States.
  • You need to sign in to your Apple Account. Click on Create a New Apple ID.
  • Enter your new email id and password and confirm it.
  • Select the random address, and you can take the help of this website to get the address.
  • In the payment option select None.
  • If your Apple ID is verified repeat the process again, Search for the Google Assistant and click on the “Get” button and download the application.
  • That’s it, You have successfully installed google assistant in iphone.