How to install android O boot animation 


Recently Android O launched after android naught, Android O is the new 2017 android version, with many cool features, today I’ll show you how you can install android O boot animation on your android device. 

Requirements -:

• Root Explorer [ Click here ]

• Android O boot animation [ Click here ]

• Rooted Phone 

How To Install Step by step -:

1) Firstly Complete all requirements 

2) Now open Root explorer app

3) Go to “/Devie >> System>> Media” folder 

4) Now there’s a file with name of rename that file with

5) It will ask root permission to change it, so grant the root access 

6) Now copy the new boot animation which you downloaded in requirements

7) Paste it on “/Device>> System >> Media” folder 

8) Now long press on and click on “Permission

9) Now give rw-r-r permission, also see the screenshot

10 That’s it, Reboot your phone to see the changes 🙂