Android Hidden Eye Take anyone photo when anyone unlock your device 


Hey guys, I’m Gonna share a very useful way to Find His/her photo when anyone try to unlock your device, This Is very useful if your device stolen you will able to see there image who try to unlock. 

How To Setup -:

 1) Firstly download the hidden eye  [ Click here ]

 2) Open the app and switch on the Security Status

3) After switching on it will ask to activate this application to perform the several operations such as Monitor Screen-Unlock Attempts and Lock the screen


4) After activating this application lock your device and try this app

5) Now if you have to stop the alarm you can stop it by closing the recent task or else you can easily force stop this application

6) To Uninstall this app you have to switch off the Security Status first.

7) Now, Whenever the any person will try to unlock your phone, If he/she entered wrong password more than 3 times, this app will capture the picture of that person also ring your phone. So This way you can catch who try to unlock your phone again and again and want to steal your privacy.